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Every week seems to bring a new four day working week headline into the media – from businesses in Scotland trying it out, to the results of a successful four day week trial in Iceland.

And most of us will have heard in passing the benefits of a four-day week – better team performance, work-life balance, more productivity. We even held a Big Debate all about it last year.

But what’s the tangible science behind it? How do we know it can actually work? And who are the people that are experimenting with it in their business?

This event is all about the science behind the four day week.

Learn from University of Sussex experts, who’ve been running a trial for local businesses (including Chamber members who signed up after hearing about it at the Big Debate last year), tracking both the psychological and physical effects it has on staff, plus what the impact is on the business itself.

Plus, hear case studies from the real-life, local businesses in Brighton who’ve tried it out. Find out what worked for them, what didn’t, and what they’ll take away from the experiment.

We’ll hear from:

You might be thinking about trying the four day week in your business and want to dig into the data behind it, and why it might work for your business.

Come along to get insights, learn the science behind the idea, and be motivated to experiment with something different in your own business – who knows, you might be inspired to take the plunge!

In partnership with University of Sussex.

This event is run as part of the 20 years of the Economic and Social Research Council’s flagship of Festival of Social Science.

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