Crowd Psychology for Crowd Safety Management – Training courses

This course is aimed at all professionals who work with or plan around crowd and event safety.

This two-day course is aimed at event organizers, licencing authorities, stewarding organizations, stadium managers, health and safety officers, emergency/resilience planners, and emergency responders (fire, police, and ambulance). Those who work with crowds in these contexts depend upon knowledge of crowd behaviour and psychology in order to enhance positive crowd experiences, maintain safety and security, and to manage risks. This Masterclass presents the latest scientific research and thinking in crowd psychology. It will provide event safety professionals with core concepts and principles transferable across a variety of domains, as well as presenting rationales for practice in specific areas. Finally, it will offer a set of practical recommendations and guidelines on how to use group psychology to manage safety and enhance resilience in crowd events.

Activities will consist of a series of lectures alongside workshop exercises.


January 2020, Dublin: Safe Events (Ireland) Masterclass

February 2020, Netherlands Event Safety Academy Masterclass

December 2020, UK: Emergency Planning College course