Sectors: Safety

Enhancing crowd safety management through psychology

Dr John Drury has recently provided consultancy workshops on the psychology of crowd safety management for the Hajj (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) and for Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service on mass emergency behaviour. He has provided guidance and advice on typical responses in emergency evacuations and how to manage these to a number of agencies, including the Civil Contingencies Secretariat and Fire and Rescue Service National Resilience. His work has informed the training provided by The Square Metre crowd safety to dozens of managers and stewards working for stadiums around the world.

Road safety and cognitive psychology

Graham Hole has a longstanding interest in applying cognitive psychology to the field of road safety. In the past he has worked with road safety organisations such as IAM Roadsmart, Sussex Police Traffic Division, Brighton and Hove City Council road safety department, and a number of insurance companies. Research has included conducting a survey of cyclists’ experiences of using the roads, an observational study of factors affecting cyclist/driver conflicts at junctions, experimental and epidemiological studies of vehicle conspicuity, and an analysis of issues relating to the use of telematics data for insurance purposes (e.g. how best to provide feedback to drivers about their driving performance).