Action Areas

ABS offers expertise, engagement and consultancy in the following areas:

What We Offer


Psychology and behavioural science can improve your staff training. We offer training in HR, crowd safety management, security, and many other areas.

Evaluation of processes and interventions

Organisation cyclically go through phases of change to their structures and systems which involve significant investments in resources. Our experts can help with designing and implementing sound evaluation processes so that you are confident your practices are successful.


Maybe you have your own design team but want a sound evidence-based evaluation by independent experts. Or maybe you have an idea, but want the design to incorporate features based on psychological evidence about the way people really behave and think. Our experts can help, either way.

App Development

We offer specialist in-house programming with a decade of experience writing programs and apps to measure human performance, as well as expertise managing out-sourced contractors.

Psychology for Crowd Safety Management

Our crowd safety masterclass presents the latest scientific research and thinking in crowd psychology. It provides event safety professionals with core concepts and principles transferable across a variety of domains, as well as presenting rationales for practice in specific areas. Finally, it will offer a set of practical recommendations and guidelines on how to use group psychology to manage safety and enhance resilience in crowd events.



How many times have you been frustrated and irritated by poor design? Our expertise in cognitive psychology can help you to produce a truly effective design for whatever purpose you have in mind.


Our experts provide bespoke training packages to enable you to run evidence-based and validated methods of HR interviewing for your workplace.

Health & Wellbeing

Are you looking to promote staff wellbeing, but overwhelmed with fads and trends? Our health psychology experts can help you to implement evidence-based solutions, adapted for your specific needs.


Do you have a product to sell, and want psychological insight into marketing? From understanding which product-names sell faster, to creating sensory packaging to enhance your products, psychologists at Sussex can guide you on the best approach to marketing. Improve your status in the market-place by better understanding how people really think.


You’ll be using many different interventions and curriculum designs for your learners, but how do you demonstrate their impact using sound evidence-based practices? Our experts can evaluate, or help your staff develop evaluations, so you know you are spending your budgets most effectively.